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Help Support the Next Generation of Brain Researchers

The University of Memphis is the only university in the Memphis area with a Carnegie R1 status, which is awarded to institutions with the highest level of research activity. The UofM encourages faculty to include undergraduate students in their research endeavors.

Undergraduate students in neuroscience and psychology labs often complete independent thesis projects in the labs of faculty members, and theses generally require the students to spend 300+ hours working in a lab. Undergraduate students often have the opportunity to present their findings at national research conferences. 

Students who attend research conferences have opportunities to gain expert feedback on their research, expand their understanding of the field, and network with faculty from other schools.

Attending national research conferences increases the students’ sense of belonging in science and increases the likelihood of continuing into graduate schools and careers related to neuroscience and psychology.

Attending national conferences requires expensive travel, which is a major barrier for many students at the University of Memphis. At the UofM, 70% of undergraduate students receive financial aid, and 50% are PELL-eligible (i.e., high financial need). 

The financial burden of travel often prevents UofM undergraduates from gaining the valuable experiences associated with attending professional research conferences, resulting in narrowed career goals and limited marketability for graduate schools.

We are requesting donations to create the Brainy Travel Awards. To be eligible for these awards, students must be undergraduates who have completed a project in a neuroscience or psychology research lab, demonstrated support from a faculty research mentor, and successfully submitted an abstract to present findings at a national research conference. 

Applications for the Brainy Travel Awards will be open twice a year and will vary from $500-$1,000 depending on the cost of travel and availability of funds. Similarly, the number of Brainy Travel Award winners will vary with the expectation of funding 2-4 students per year.

By supporting this fund, you are investing in the next generation of scientific minds and helping boost the impactful research from Memphis onto a national stage.

Together, let's illuminate the future of brain research and empower these students to be the radiant leaders of tomorrow's scientific landscape.

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