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Art History Tigers Club 3-day Trip to Crystal Bridges Museum!

What will my donation fund?

The Art History Tigers Club, a recently formed club for all students and members of the university and local community who are interested in art and history, is organizing a trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, AR for the Fall semester of 2022!

The Crystal Bridges Museum is a world-renowned art museum that is located about 5.5 hours away from Memphis. The trip will be open to any interested club members, many of whom have never been there. With the money raised through this crowdfunding platform, we will be able to significantly reduce the cost of this trip, if not making it entirely free, for each individual student who will attend.

Your donation will help to make it possible for up to 25 students to visit this important institution! The total trip costs (estimated at $500 per student) will include a charter bus and driver; two nights in a hotel; and a Friday evening, full day Saturday, and Sunday morning in Bentonville, visiting the museum and other local sites. All funds raised will go towards the total cost of the trip, making this a feasible opportunity for many who may not otherwise have the chance.

(Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, AR)

Why is such a trip needed? What is the benefit?

"I never thought art was really important... That all changed when I went to the Belz Museum located in downtown Memphis where I got to learn the history of Judaic and ancient Chinese art. I was amazed of how people can create beautiful pieces of art that can survive till this day and still give a story to the newer generation. My whole point of view changed about art. I would love to travel and see even more locations that hold a wider verity of art!"  -- Abdalfatah S. Almorisi (Biology Major)

"Being able to visit a world renowned art museum without having to go too far from home would be a real treat for me. As an adult student with children, school trips and study abroad opportunities are usually out of reach, however the ability to visit Crystal Bridges over a long weekend with other students familiar to me would be an amazing way to build connections with my field of study and make connections with my fellow students as well." -- Laura Talley (Art History Grad Student, Museum Practices concentration)

"Going to such an art museum will help me as a future art teacher gain a perspective I have not experienced as an artist. I have never been to an art museum outside of local exhibits. Cost effectiveness is an important factor... I do not get help from family as I am studying at UofM on my own financial terms..."  -- Mikail Pollard (Art & Art Education Major)

"I have loved art from a young age, my mom is a photographer and she would always bring me to the art museums around Memphis. In high school, I went with my art club to the Frist museum, in Nashville, and I loved every minute of it. I believe that this trip would be an awesome experience! -- Sara Cullen (undecided major, interests in Art, Psychology, and Business)

"I've always been interested in American Art and a trip such as this would be a once in a lifetime experience which would certainly enhance my Graduate Study experience! From a teaching experience it would also provide opportunity to share information and insight with others."  -- William Jerden (Museum Studies Grad Student)

"Attending this trip will expand my knowledge regarding art history and encourage myself to go to more art museums during my college years... Unfortunately, my job schedule and the cost to attend school prevents me from paying for activities like this one. However, a reduced cost would better my chances of paying for the trip." -- Kyra Richardson (Graphic Design Major, Public Health Minor)

"I work in education at a minimum wage job and art has always been a large part of my life. I think that while I am in the south, it is imperative that I visit a multitude of different museums." -- Tyler Carrillo-Waggoner (MAT Grad Student, Early Childhood Education)

"Art history is one of the few disciplines taught in school without actually experiencing true art history. Art History is found in museums, by seeing the vibrant hues of the painting or the textures of a sculpture. A PowerPoint cannot capture true Art History... As a graduate student taking out loans, I want to see as much art in person as possible, but I cannot always afford it."  -- Katie Lothrop (BA in Art History, current Art Education Grad Student)

"As college students living on a tight budget and schedule, chances to travel to important art institutions, such as Crystal Bridges, are relatively slim. Making this trip financially accessible to students offers the opportunity to have a positive learning experience and intellectual engagement with their peers without the stress of money management." -- Alison Heverly (Sculpture BFA student, Art History Minor)

"Going on this trip is important because it gives us the opportunity to learn more about the arts and see how it has grown over time. As a studio arts major, I would be able to learn about new techniques that I could use in my art as well!" -- Anna Clements (Studio Art Major)

"By attending a cost-effective trip to a renowned museum, I feel that my peers and I can expand our knowledge of various artists, movements, styles, techniques, etc... It is important as art students to observe art in person and be exposed to the art world past and present.-- Jaylyn Crowe (Art Major, Art Education concentration)

(club logo designed by UofM Graphic Design student Elizabeth McKinney)

Who is handling everything? Who will guide this trip?

This trip will be lead by Art History Tigers Club faculty advisors Dr. Rebecca Howard and Dr. Lucienne Auz (Becca & Lu)!

Dr. Howard is a historian of Renaissance & Baroque art history and Dr. Auz is a historian of Modern & Contemporary art history. With the help of some excited students and lovers of art history at the University of Memphis, we got this new club off the ground in 2020 and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Please contact us ( & and/or Club President Laura Talley ( with any questions.

(Dr. Auz [left] & Dr. Howard [right])

Here's a bit about our academic work...

Dr. Rebecca Howard received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Art History from The Ohio State University and her B.A. in Art History and Business Administration from Christopher Newport University. Her research interests include portraiture, expressions of identity, memory tactics and devices, and early modern studies of the brain and anatomy. Other research and teaching interests include early modern garden and villa designs, ancient Egyptian influences in Renaissance Italy, and global paths of exchange in the early modern world. She is currently editing her first book project, Portraiture and Mnemonics in Renaissance Italy: Commemoration through Body and Brain.

Dr. Lucienne Auz received her Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Washington, her M.S. in Theory, Criticism and History of Art, Design and Architecture from Pratt Institute, and her B.A. in Printmaking from Gonzaga University. Her research and teaching interests span the disciplines of contemporary art history and disability studies. Currently, Dr. Auz is researching the history of Outsider Art and non-profit art centers that serve artists with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities. Other research and teaching interests include socially engaged art, art conservation and technical art history, and ethical issues of the art world.

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