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Senior Class Gift Summer 2021

Dollars Raised: $2,448 Donor Count: 123                                                                                                                                  

Senior Class Gift Summer 2021

The Senior Class Gift Scholarship was created as an opportunity for graduating University of Memphis students to leave a lasting philanthropic impact on our campus and to educate UofM students about the importance and impact of student giving.  The need-based scholarship program was established through the giving of the 2015/2016 senior class, along with a generous donor who continues to match every Senior Class Gift donation dollar for dollar.

Since then, the Senior Class Gift has expanded and each new academic year, incoming freshmen from Memphis and Lambuth campuses are awarded 4-year, $12,000 academic and $2,000 book scholarships. All of this is made possible through student donors, just like you.

Make your gift by June 21 to be recognized as a True Blue Donor in the Commencement program!

Please contribute to the Senior Class Gift today and be a part of a meaningful legacy of paying it forward to deserving incoming students. Each dollar you donate will be matched so you can double the impact of your gift! Thank you!

The Senior Class Gift Program is the bridge that connects your philanthropic spirit as a student to your continued support as a proud Tiger alum. Thank you for showing your support for the university that has not only given you an education – but a Tiger family for life.  

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