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UofM Giving Tuesday 2020

Make a difference at the UofM today!   Dollars Raised: $2,127 Donor Count: 39    

UofM Giving Tuesday 2020


Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law General Fund


As the only law school in Memphis and one of the largest in Tennessee, The Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law gives students unparalleled opportunities for success. Your gift allows us to offer a variety of degree program options that are student-focused with experiential learning components.


College of Arts and Sciences Experiential Fellowships Fund

The UofM is proud to serve first-generation college students.  In fact, forty-percent of our students are first generation and 50% of our student population qualify for Pell Grants.  In a world where parents with financial means provide their children with multiple opportunities to enrich their learning experience, and as a consequence, give their children advantages when applying for graduate school or employment, our students – whose parents often can’t even assist with tuition or living expenses for their children – are sometimes left behind.  A plurality of our students work many hours to pay for the gap in tuition and their scholarship and grant packages, leaving little time to engage in research, study abroad or other extracurricular activities that can help them stand out as they engage in post-college endeavors. 


Experiential Fellowships will increase access to these high-impact learning opportunities including summer research experiences, internships, and study abroad by providing stipends for students who would otherwise be unable to participate due to financial need.  Stipends will be provided when other funds are not available (in other words, only for unpaid summer research opportunities, unpaid internship opportunities, and to fill the gap between study abroad scholarships and actual expenses).  Stipends of between $1,000 to $3,500 will be awarded based on the value of the proposed learning opportunity to the student’s program of study and the financial need.


Many of our students have benefited from the combination of using private gifts with Federal Work Study grants.  The Work Study program will provide stipends -- up to 75% of the total -- for students who qualify based on financial need and private donations will cover the remaining 25% required for the grants.


College of Communication and Fine Arts General Fund

The College of Communication and Fine Arts educates tomorrow’s creative professionals. Your gift enables us to provide students with experiences that enhance their creativity and stretch their limits of possibilities. 


College of Education Praxis Test Support Fund

The Praxis Test Support Fund was established to assist our aspiring educators in offsetting the cost of the Praxis exam fees. On average, educator candidates spend between $900 to $1,200 for the tests needed to complete their licensure. Will you join us in helping ease the financial burden of our future Tiger Educators?!


Fogelman College of Business & Economics General Fund

The FCBE General Fund is used to support advancing the mission of the Fogelman College of Business and Economics in the areas of instruction, research, and student success.


Herff College of Engineering Funds

Your gift to the Herff College of Engineering helps us educate tomorrow’s engineers. We strive to impact the quality of life for our region through multiple approaches such as developing new biomedical devices and saving energy while improving transportation efficiency. A gift to either of the funds will support the educational pursuits of a Tiger engineer.

  • Herff Merit Scholarship

    • Herff merit scholarships will position the college to recruit the best and brightest high school students. These awards are in recognition of academic achievement and potential for success as an engineering major.

  • Jarvis Jeffery Engineering Completion Scholarship

    • Completion scholarships provide the extra financial support necessary to help senior-level students stay at Herff and graduate. When we see Herff students graduate and enter high-quality jobs, we know we’ve positively impacted our community. For some, this couldn’t have been done without the aid of a completion scholarship. The financial reason for a student leaving could be big or small. Keep in mind a financial emergency of any size can derail enrollment, even for their final semester. Unfortunately, the contemporary financial aid system is not nimble enough to respond to the nature or urgency of a student’s financial emergency.


Jeni Stephens Lambuth Student Emergency Fund

The Jeni Stephens Lambuth Student Emergency Fund was specifically established to ease the financial burden of Tiger students. This fund honors Lambuth Alumnae Jeni Stephen's memory and recognizes her commitment to caring for others by providing up to $500 to a qualifying student in need. Your gift can provide struggling students with funds for temporary housing, utility bills, groceries and more. The University of Memphis Lambuth Campus Community always has and always will pull together and rise to any challenge. 


Lambuth Pantry

Launched in the Fall 2019 semester, the Lambuth Pantry provides our students with needed food, water, and personal hygiene products.


Loewenberg College of Nursing General Fund

Contributions to the Loewenberg College of Nursing General Fund allows the Dean to pursue opportunities to enrich the College’s academic mission.  Annual contributions to the fund are used to ensure we have the most up-to-date learning technology for our classrooms and labs, build a more diverse student population, provide seed funding for academic projects and help deserving students meet the financial challenges of funding their education. 


Memphis Fund

Gifts from alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to the Memphis Fund are given to the University of Memphis with no restrictions, and the funds go where they are needed most. Your gift supports all academic and special interest programs at the University:

  • High-Quality Educational Experiences

  • Expanded Research Opportunities

  • Need-Based Financial Aid Assistance

  • Important Facility Updates

  • Enhancements to Technological Resources


General Scholarship Fund

The single biggest concern that many students and their families face is how to pay for a college education. Scholarships play an important role in helping the University attract and retain talented students who will be leaders in our community. Simply put, scholarships have the unique ability to change lives. An investment in scholarships is an investment in the University's most valuable resource, its students. The return on your investment is immeasurable and upholds the future of our university, state and nation for generations to come.


UofM Lambuth Campus Fund

University of Memphis Lambuth continues to offer students in Jackson a first-class education. Your gift to the Lambuth location enhances the legacy of the historic campus and helps us provide meaningful experiences to students that last a lifetime. Your gift also provides support for undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, faculty awards, and facility improvement projects. You can feel secure that your gift will be used for the benefit of the Lambuth campus.


Tiger Pantry

The Tiger Pantry is a choice pantry open to current University of Memphis students. The pantry generally carries non-perishable food items, basic toiletries, and basic household items. Financial support allows the Tiger Pantry to continue our everyday operations. As a donor, your support will go toward the following activities to expand our capacity to feed students in need at the UofM:

  • Regular food deliveries from our partners at the Mid-South Food Bank

  • Filling the gaps on our shelves when necessary

  • Programming aimed at raising awareness of Tiger Pantry and de-stigmatizing food insecurity

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